Auto Bolt Continues to Invest to better serve our Customers

Our commitment to provide exceptional service and produce high quality parts has always been a top priority at Auto Bolt.  We are excited to share our newest addition with you.  The video below showcases our new National M20 diameter 4 die high-speed bolt maker.  Watch as parts get transferred from one die to the next.   Better be quick though, because being high speed, it moves fast!  The M20 capabilities range from 5/8"-1" (M16-M24) in diameter X 6" in length (150MM).  This new piece of equipment will provide additional support to meet our customers needs. 

Auto Bolt, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is an independently owned manufacturer of quality fasteners since 1948. Auto Bolt specializes in offering both low and high volume performance and commercial fasteners. Auto Bolt is a leading provider of fasteners for various industrial, distribution and original equipment markets and applications to include Truck and Trailer, Military, Construction and Agricultural equipment, as well as Automotive components.

Contact us at 800.988.BOLT, or visit for all your fastener requirements.

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