Auto Bolt's New Shipping Warehouse

We are pleased to announce that our new shipping and receiving warehouse is up and running.  Located next door to our manufacturing plant, Auto Bolt now has a 130,000 sq. ft. campus.  Are you asking yourself, "What are they going to do with the additional space at their manufacturing plant?"  Look for exciting announcements to come soon. You can find our manufacturing plant at 4740 Manufacturing Ave.  and our shipping warehouse is right next door at 15900 Industrial Pkwy..  To keep up to date on what's happening at Auto Bolt follow us on Linked In.

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Auto Bolt, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is an independently owned manufacturer of quality fasteners since 1948.  Auto Bolt is a leading provider of fasteners for various industrial, distribution and original equipment markets and applications to include Truck and Trailer, Military, Construction and Agricultural equipment, as well as Automotive components.

Contact us at 800.988.BOLT, or visit for all your fastener requirements.



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