Auto Bolt has joined the Pac-West Fastener Association

Auto Bolt is happy to announce that we are now members of the Pac-West Fasteners Association. By joining Pac-West, we expect to increase our visibility and business on the West Coast.  We are looking forward to meeting and adding new customers to our strong customer base.  

It’s a good time to be a domestic supplier and a great opportunity to partner with Auto Bolt! We are excited to be part of the Pac-West Association!

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Auto Bolt is a proud American privately owned domestic Bolt manufacturer located in Cleveland, Ohio. For the past 70 years, Auto Bolt has experienced continual growth and expansion based on our solid reputation, strong relationships, and following our “core values”. We have built our reputation on meeting customers' quality requirements and delivering parts as promised.  Auto Bolt is a leading provider of fasteners for various industrial, distribution, and original equipment markets.   Our fastener applications include; Truck and Trailer, Military, Construction, Agricultural, as well as Automotive components.

Contact us at 800.988.BOLT, or visit for all your fastener requirements.



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